Symbiosis – trees and chickadees.

Tree with birds, chickadees, fall garden
Symbiosis, the Chickadee Tree 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas board

Symbiosis is a much higher reflection of intelligent life – Frederick Lenz

Symbiotic or parasitic?

Our natural world functions in a symbiotic relationship. Plants and animals when not interfered with will generally find a way to co-operate, so that each benefits.

Balance and harmony is vital for the well being of all life, including our own.

While painting this ornamental tree with its vibrant green and yellow leaves, I noticed that it was filling up with little birds.

The Chickadee’s, who are usually residents of the larger trees and hedges around town have moved in. They too have been displaced by development that is paving us into a concrete jungle.

The names that are given to these new apartment buildings can be amusing, such as “The Green” with its sales office painted in green while every tree, shrub and blade of grass is carefully removed from the vicinity including the sidewalks.

Maybe I should have called this painting the refugee tree.

“The actual trouble is that profit is identified entirely with money, as distinct from the real profit of living with dignity and elegance in beautiful surroundings.” ~Does it Matter – Alan Watts.

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