Profile – Margot Brassil

In South Africa with a horse that I painted for my brother.

Artist environmentalist and worker bee!

Happiest when I am outdoors swimming, hiking, communing with nature, animals and painting.

Born in South Africa in the foothills of the Drakensberg or dragon mountains in the year of the dragon. Most of my childhood was spent running around barefoot in the dusty little towns and villages of the Eastern Cape.

Living in small towns and rural areas, it is not surprising that our natural world has informed my vision. Africa has a vast history with amazing creatures that will come close if you take the time to be quiet. My mother was a great influence and would often hide a insect, snake or chameleon in her hand to place in mine as a surprise!

I emigrated to the West Coast of Canada, a place that I felt would become my home when I was still at high school.

Art has always been the centre of my being and I have always made time for my art even while juggling multiple jobs. This has meant a limit to the amount of work produced as my paintings are fairly detailed.

Painting of Kek the toad
Who The Kek Knows! 24″ x 24″

Now more than ever the need to produce art with a message is needed.  Our world is filled with beautiful magical places that are slowly being “loved to death”. The city that has become my home is being paved over by vested corporate interests.

This has meant that people and animals are being made homeless in a country of great wealth, while the beautiful trees that have grown since the last clear cut are disappearing once more.

While much of my art is informed by my surroundings, at times images pop into my head and it has become harder to ignore these. Paintings like “Who the Kek knows” would not go away until I completed the painting.

My Studio

Seeking the magic in the everyday.