Thunderstorm with Hadeda Ibis

A thunderstorm over the Gonubie River in South Africa with Hadeda Ibis in the foreground. Even with a lightning strike near them, these two were only interested in searching for food.

The lightning bird  – 16″ x 20″  (Oil on canvas ) $1200.00

Lightning and transformation.

Hadeda Ibis











Anyone caught in a thunderstorm knows the fear and exhilaration as lightning strikes a little too close for comfort. All the while a Hadeda Ibis was seeking out worms completely unconcerned as the storm rolled in.

Lightning has many meanings in different cultures and the lightning bird or Tekwane is part of African mythology. The Tekwane is actually represented by the Hammerkop bird.

I have always experienced lightning both in dreams and “real life” before undergoing times of transformation.

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