Who the Kek knows!

A recently completed project is this cane toad or (Cosmic toad). The idea for this painting came from a rock I found with melted glass on a local beach. An image came to me of a cosmic toad, covered in jewels. At first I thought it was meant to represent the Cane toad.

The Cane toad – is not a popular animal in many parts of the world, yet like so many species it is all about context. They evolved to survive in Southern America and now thrive in places like Australia where the word “pest” is an apt description.

Not unlike us, they are able to adapt to new places and make their mark. It is easy to judge these creatures, but they did not move on their own and had a fair bit of help when it came to relocating.
Most humans are also immigrants and have often devastated the environments that our we and our ancestors moved to, so there goes that moral high ground!

While completing this painting the Pepe the frog meme was brought to my attention and its link to Kek from Egyptian mythology. It all makes sense why I had a compelling need to complete this image and I now have a name for my vision!

This image is a symbol of the chaos taking place in our world.

Painting of Kek the toad
Who The Kek Knows.

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