The Elementals

During our everyday journeys we meet with creatures that we are seldom aware of – maybe we should be?

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Artist - seeking the magic in the everyday! Happiest when I am outdoors swimming, hiking, communing with nature and painting. My art is informed by the mysteries and magic surrounding our daily lives, from the shimmering world in a dewdrop to the rainbows reflected in an insects wing. Born in South Africa in the foothills of the Drakensberg or dragon mountains in the year of the dragon. Living close to nature, it is our natural world has informed my vision. Africa has a vast history and mythology with amazing creatures that will appear if you take the time to be quiet. My mother was my inspiration and an elemental force of nature, through her I learned to commune with interesting creatures. Recently I relocated to the West Coast of Canada, a place that has become a wonderful new home. Art is my voice and I use this to draw attention to what is often missed in the haste of daily life.

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