Allowing the flow of energy in art.

Everything is flowing — going somewhere, animals and so-called lifeless rocks as well as water. Thus the snow flows fast or slow in grand beauty-making glaciers and avalanches; the air in majestic floods carrying minerals, plant leaves, seeds, spores, with streams of music and fragrance; water streams carrying rocks… While the stars go streaming through space pulsed on and on forever like blood…in Nature’s warm heart.
– My First Summer in the Sierra (1911) chapter 10. – John Muir

Salt Spring Island Sunset with singing stones.

Singing Stones

Each of my paintings take on a life force of their own and tend to flow in the direction that they want to take…

While I was working on this painting, it became clear that the rocks in the foreground were sending out a very strong energetic vibration.

When we think of sacred spaces, temples, churches and stone circles like Stonehenge come to mind. Man made and amplifying the raw energy of a particular area.

All life forms are made up of the same minerals found in the rocks and stones of the earth. This is one of those places where the rocks sing and the vibration matches that of our own bodies, creating a space to rest and relax.

We can be affected by the energies of an area and some places cause discomfort as they alter our mood and connection with others. Seek places that make you feel good and energised whenever possible.

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Artist - seeking the magic in the everyday! Happiest when I am outdoors swimming, hiking, communing with nature and painting. My art is informed by the mysteries and magic surrounding our daily lives, from the shimmering world in a dewdrop to the rainbows reflected in an insects wing. Born in South Africa in the foothills of the Drakensberg or dragon mountains in the year of the dragon. Living close to nature, it is our natural world has informed my vision. Africa has a vast history and mythology with amazing creatures that will appear if you take the time to be quiet. My mother was my inspiration and an elemental force of nature, through her I learned to commune with interesting creatures. Recently I relocated to the West Coast of Canada, a place that has become a wonderful new home. Art is my voice and I use this to draw attention to what is often missed in the haste of daily life.

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