Slow art like slow food takes time to produce and digest.

“An artist is a person who performs certain things skillfully, but doesn’t really know how he does it. You learn art by methods that you don’t know how you learnt, you can’t describe, because your brain is capable of absorbing all kinds of information that is much too subtle to be translated into words.” – Alan Watts.

Salt Spring Island, wind in the grass

What is on the easel at present and still to be completed – Dancing in the wind- Salt Spring Island.

Alan Watts is correct, it is nearly impossible to describe the process. There are great teachers that can guide someone on the use of colour, design and technique. All these are important tools on the journey as an artist, ultimately that is where it often ends.

Ideas brought from I don’t know where spring spontaneously into being, it is hard to teach that to someone else when you are still exploring the process yourself. I therefore admire those who can bring greatness to another’s vision.

Some days everything flows and other days it is just paint going on top of paint. Ideas come unexpectedly in a matter of moments, driving creativity in a whole new direction.

Each painting takes many, many hours to complete.  There are times when analysis paralysis sets in with a waiting period for something to occur, before the painting begins to take shape. This is why my paintings are not inexpensive. The time and energy that goes into each piece is a labour of love that can never be retrieved.

All the paintings on this website are for sale and limited edition digital prints are available upon request.

Please contact me if any of my art speaks to your wild and imaginative soul.

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