Yellow Jacket wasps

Every summer has its wasps – 11″ x 14″ ink on scratch-board

Oh synchronicity! Having just completed this scratch-board and ink drawing of wasps, one stung me on my hand.

Not a bad sting fortunately, only a tiny burning bump. I was sitting in the garden supposedly meditating while my monkey mind gibbered and absentmindedly brushed away what I thought was an ant.  Was this a note from the universe to cease and desist!

I came indoors and went online to social media as one often does and a post showed up calling wasps A**holes. Here was a perfect opportunity for showing this artwork.

Wasps are really beneficial to our environment, although a little short tempered. Any creature that can build such beautiful paper nests deserves respect.

Looking back, the drawing was inspired by a visitation in early March when I found one on my leg while painting. I have never seen them that early in the year. When a second one appeared in the windowsill it was time to pay attention and do the artwork.

All the paintings on this website are for sale and limited edition digital prints are available upon request.

Please contact me if any of my art speaks to your wild soul.

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