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Artist, environmentalist and worker bee! Happiest when I am outdoors swimming, hiking, communing with nature, animals and painting. Born in South Africa in the foothills of the Drakensberg or dragon mountains in the year of the dragon. Most of my childhood was spent running around barefoot in the dusty little towns and villages of the Eastern Cape. Living close to the land, it is not surprising that our natural world has informed my vision. Africa has a vast history with amazing creatures that will visit, if you take the time to be quiet. My mother was a great influence and would often hide a insect, snake or chameleon in her hand to place in mine as a surprise! More recently I relocated to the West Coast of Canada, a place that I felt would become my home when I was still at school. For much of life art was often sidelined in the rush for survival and making a living. Even now painting and drawing are juggled and squeezed into afternoons off work. This has meant a limit to the amount of work produced as my paintings are fairly detailed. Now more than ever the need to produce art with a message is important. Our world is filled with beautiful magical places that are slowly being "loved to death". The city that has become home is being paved over by vested corporate interests. This has meant that people and animals are being rendered homeless in a country of great wealth, while the beautiful trees that have grown since the last clear cut are disappearing once again. While much of my art is informed by my surroundings, every now and again a spiritual image is sent my way and it has become harder to ignore this information. Paintings like "Who the Kek knows" just popped into my head and would not go away until they had found solid form.

It has been too quiet – what am I up to?

Best medicine?















The start of the mystical eagle painting – this painting came to me while watching a pair of eagles flying overhead. With all the construction/destruction in our area there has been a noticeable decline in most bird species within our city.

We seek medicine and healing for physical and psychological issues and call on doctors to perform miracles, but no one wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room – that we do not live in a bubble and are connected to all things in the world around us.

Whatever we do to the other, be it human, plant, animal or mineral we are affected by our actions. In this painting I explore how we seek help from the many so called guru’s, when ultimately the answers lie within.

This painting still being completed – hopefully soon…

Seeking guidance for our ailments
Finding the best medicine for our times


Canada goose – scratch-board and ink

Having completed the Lightning bird painting with Hadeda’s, this Canada goose was determined to be included in my art. I watch them fly around the grain terminals and rail cars daily and there is no shortage of food for them there!

Here I used Sepia ink on a white Ampersand scratch-board, blending painting with the scratch-board techniques.

Canada Goose ink on scratch-board
Canada goose 8.5″ x 11″


Thunderstorm with Hadeda Ibis

A thunderstorm over the Gonubie River in South Africa with Hadeda Ibis in the foreground. Even with a lightning strike near them, these two were only interested in searching for food.

The lightning bird  – 16″ x 20″  (Oil on canvas ) $1200.00

Lightning and transformation.

Hadeda Ibis











Anyone caught in a thunderstorm knows the fear and exhilaration as lightning strikes a little too close for comfort. All the while a Hadeda Ibis was seeking out worms completely unconcerned as the storm rolled in.

Lightning has many meanings in different cultures and the lightning bird or Tekwane is part of African mythology. The Tekwane is actually represented by the Hammerkop bird.

I have always experienced lightning both in dreams and “real life” before undergoing times of transformation.

Tidal zone

Rock pools are magical places – there is always much to see as sunlight dances and sparkles on the water, distorting the shapes of its inhabitants as textures and colour shifts and changes with the tide. This little fish was barely noticeable until it moved away from the seaweed that formed part of its disguise.

Rock pool Vancouver Island with skulpin fish
Tidal Pool with skulpin 24″ x 24″ oil on canvas $2400.00











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Who the Kek knows!

A recently completed project is this cane toad or (Cosmic toad). The idea for this painting came from a rock I found with melted glass on a local beach. An image came to me of a cosmic toad, covered in jewels. At first I thought it was meant to represent the Cane toad.

The Cane toad – is not a popular animal in many parts of the world, yet like so many species it is all about context. They evolved to survive in Southern America and now thrive in places like Australia where the word “pest” is an apt description.

Not unlike us, they are able to adapt to new places and make their mark. It is easy to judge these creatures, but they did not move on their own and had a fair bit of help when it came to relocating.
Most humans are also immigrants and have often devastated the environments that our we and our ancestors moved to, so there goes that moral high ground!

While completing this painting the Pepe the frog meme was brought to my attention and its link to Kek from Egyptian mythology. It all makes sense why I had a compelling need to complete this image and I now have a name for my vision!

This image is a symbol of the chaos taking place in our world.

Painting of Kek the toad
Who The Kek Knows.

The Elementals

During our everyday journeys we meet with creatures that we are seldom aware of – maybe we should be?

Of water and land.

A combination of paintings inspired by the landscapes of British Columbia, Washington State , Oregon and South Africa.